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The Blackwood Story


After knowing each other for over 30 years while owning separate painting and contracting companies, but consistently working together, Aaron Mounsey and Trevor Johnson joined forces and officially launched Blackwood in 2014. They saw an unmet need for housing in the Seattle area, housing that was not only designed well but also met their quality standards as well as the needs of Seattle’s ever-growing population. That year they opened their office in a small warehouse with 6 employees, sharing computers and delivering 4 homes. Years later, Blackwood has grown into a company with over 50 employees and delivers over 100 homes each year. 


Blackwood is a product of the Pacific Northwest. It’s our home, it’s where our clients live, and it forms the backbone of our aesthetic. All of our work feels modern and on-trend for the region while maintaining a unique architectural profile. We build homes that fit into and complement the natural environment, and we always consider our impact on our community, whether in building or in simply giving back.


We have two simple goals: to build homes at a higher level of quality than anything else on the market; and to outpace our competition. You might think getting it done well and getting it done fast can’t coexist, but we’re the exception to the rule. We compromise nothing. We are detail-oriented in everything we do, and our expert craftsmanship lets us execute at the highest level.

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